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3 User Experience Lessons that You Can Pick Up from Cats

Cat photos, videos, memes, and what-have-you make the internet go crazy. Cats dominate the web, and it’s hardly surprising. People love anything cute and fluffy. Their demeanor teaches humans about valuable life lessons, especially those that have to do with independence and self-sufficiency.

Of course, web designers can learn a thing or two from the felines—particularly about building relationships with people you barely have something in common.

1. Move past your mistakes

Screwed up in your latest project? Look at what your pet cat does after falling off the bed or knocking over your mug. Cats don’t dwell on their mistakes. They get up quickly and get back to doing their cat stuff.

In web design, you can’t allow yourself to just hold on to your mistakes—whether it’s a typo in the CSS or hacked security. Get back on your feet as quickly as possible and correct your mistakes. Don’t waste your time wallowing in the embarrassment and disappointment after making a mistake no matter how big it is.

2. Give and take is essential in any relationship

Cats know that in order to get something they want, they have to give or do something. When Fluffy wants to be fed or cuddled, she follows you while rubbing her body against your legs. Or she hops into your lap and suddenly becomes a purring machine. Cats make every effort to earn their human’s affection or loyalty.

That’s how your relationship with your website’s users work, too. When a visitor comes to your site, they’ll stay and give you their precious time and attention—as long as your site provides what they need or want.


3. Take care of your customers

Cats may seem to be an unaffectionate lot, but they surely have their own ways of expressing how they care for their humans, like bringing them a dead bird or mouse, as some weird form of food offering.

As a designer, you don’t just design websites and logos. You also provide customer service. You make life easier for them by creating a website that’s easy and simple to navigate.

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