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Conversion-Oriented Design: 3 Techniques to Integrate Conversion Optimization in Your Web Design

Web design and conversion rate optimization (CRO) should go hand in hand in creating an attractive website with a high sales potential. It’s all about having the user in mind and understanding his or her needs. Here’s how to integrate CRO into your website designs.

Create white space-centric designs

Why is having more white space better? A web design with lots of white space is both beautiful and functional.

With white space, there’s nothing to look at. It forces a user to look instead to another area of the page where your design elements are located. So if you have only your banner, the Buy button, and an irresistible product image, all your user has to do is buy the product!


Do more with less

When designing a website, making things simple will make things easier for your users. If you add more stuff, more things will compete for the user’s attention on a page. And if the user has to click so many things just to get what he needs, then you’re likely to lose a customer. But if you have just one large button in the middle of the page, chances are higher that the user will click on it.


Use a large image

One of the simplest ways to enhance the design of a web page and boost its conversion potential is to use a huge image that commands authority and power over a user’s behavior and emotions, as well as exudes beauty at the same time. If you visit the Apple site, you can see each page being dominated by huge images that draw attention to its products.

Remember: when it comes to web design and conversion optimization, all efforts must be focused on the users—their behaviors, needs, emotions, everything. Keeping this principle in mind will ensure that your website will not only be beautiful but also be able to achieve high conversion.

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